Endometrium is the name given to the tissue that covers the inside of your uterus. Sometimes the endometrial tissue can grow outside of the uterus. This results in an inflammatory condition, called endometriosis, which can be painful and can also reduce your fertility.

Fortunately, there are medical and surgical treatments to help you if you have endometriosis.

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Painful Sex

Pain during or after sex is quite common in women and can also occur in men.  There are many possible causes, and it can cause significant distress and relationship issues so it is important to seek professional help if you are concerned about this.

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Period Pain

Painful periods are a common problem affecting between 40-70% of women of reproductive age. It can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and can cause absence from work, school and other daily activities. Fortunately, there are some treatment options you can explore.

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Pudendal Neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia is pain related to the pudendal nerve, which is the main nerve running between your pubic bone and your tailbone. You might feel this as vaginal pain or tingling, or as deep pelvic pain.

Treatment for pudendal neuralgia involves different types of management. We can help you develop the best plan for you to manage your pain, and live a full and comfortable life.

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Vaginismus is involuntary spasm or contraction of the muscles surrounding the lower third of the vagina with attempts at any form of vaginal penetration. It involves the muscles just below the skin called the perineal muscles and the deeper pelvic floor muscles (PFM). Once you have experienced pain with attempts at penetration, it makes the next time even more difficult, as a fear of pain can increase your pain as well as heighten the muscle contraction, further compounding the pain.

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Vulvar Pain

Vulvar pain is not an uncommon condition.  However, many women (and health professionals) do not feel comfortable openly discussing pain in this area. As a result, the condition often goes untreated, and women suffer in silence.  The impact of this is significant and unnecessary. Women with this problem may find it difficult to perform normal day-to-day activities or may find it difficult to experience enjoyment and pleasure in their lives, due to distraction from chronic pain. Anxiety can often develop due to concern about an underlying serious health problem. Understandably, vulvar pain can lead to problems with intimacy and may result in problems within relationships.

Reassuringly, there is treatment for this condition and at WHRIA we have developed targeted treatment protocols and use a multidisciplinary team approach to manage this condition.

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