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There is so much information out there on the internet that it sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming. What we have tried to do is pick out the best quality information, so that you can trust what you are reading. While we endeavour to keep our website as updated as possible, if you are unsure about any information from one of these links, please contact us via email to clarify.

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We are pleased to offer a new treatment for the painful condition vaginal atrophy and localised vulval pain. WHRIA is the first clinic to offer this service in Sydney.

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View the videos we regularly recommend. To find out more about WHRIA services, our practitioners and our clinic

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. A woman’s guide to identifying and managing PCOS – Assoc Prof John Eden

What does a diagnosis of PCOS really mean? WHRIA’s Assoc Prof John Eden, women’s health and hormone expert, identifies the causes, dispels the myths, and explains how to manage this silent epidemic.

You can purchase a copy at WHRIA reception or online from Co-op Bookshop.

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WHRIA newsletters are emailed monthly, and include links to information on this site on all things new in the WHRIA Clinic; WHRIA Clinical Research; and new discoveries world-wide in diagnosis, treatment and management of all aspects of care provided at WHRIA.

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