Good news for menopause sufferers!

Hormone Replacement Therapy has been used safely in Australia for many years. August 2017 Australian release of a safe, easily absorbed HRT provides an exact duplicate of the human hormone progesterone for women with menopausal symptoms.
We have known for fifteen years that HRT that contains a synthetic progestin is linked to a slightly increased risk of breast cancer, if used for more than five years. A recent study in 2016 by Asi and colleagues showed that body identical HRT containing natural progesterone was associated with a significantly lower risk of breast cancer than HRT containing progestin. Thus the recently availability of natural progesterone means that Australian women can have access to a safer form of HRT. 


WHRIA’s A/Prof John Eden is one of Australia’s few dual-qualified reproductive endocrinologist and gynaecologists. This unique combination of knowledge and experience places him at the forefront of managing women’s hormones, world-wide. He has been safely treating women with PMS, polycystic ovaries, osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms for over 30 years. He wrote this article for the current media blitz to encourage women to consider safe HRT to restore their quality of life.

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Important New Developments in Hormone Replacement Therapy – 

Body-Identical HRT: Micronised Progesterone is finally available in Australia

Dr John Eden

Practical points
• The lack of quality control and testing has led the International Menopause Society to instruct their members not to use hand-made, compounded HRT in the form of troches, creams and pessaries.
• Oral (including troche) DHEA appears to have no role in the management of menopausal women and should not be included in a body-identical HRT regimen.
• Progestins negate much of the cardiovascular benefits of oestrogens and appear to be the HRT component linked to the slightly increased risk of breast cancer.
• Body-identical hormones are exact duplicates of the human hormones.
• Micronised progesterone is superior to progestins in terms of safety profile and side-effects and may reduce hot flushes when used alone; it may be combined with systemic oestrogen.

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