Hot flushes of Menopause – a new medication option

Those suffering from hot flushes of menopause now have another medication option to consider and discuss with their healthcare providers in 2024. 

Fezolinetant is the first drug in a new class of medicines that is non-hormonal. Effective non-oestrogen treatments are needed for women who cannot or do not want to take Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT). This new drug seems to have a low side effect profile. However, it is concerning that 3 monthly liver function tests are required, that there is only 12 months of data (many women have flushes for years) and that an Asian study failed to show any benefit over the placebo. 

Read all about ‘Menopausal hot flushes – a new medication option’ in our Health Information Section (scroll down to “M”), written by Conjoint Professor John Eden and the full AUSTRALIAN PRODUCT INFORMATION – VEOZA (FEZOLINETANT) from the company that produces the medication.


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