Yoga for Pelvic Pain Term 5 Starts October 9th WHRIA, & Oct 10 Redfern

Rebecca Shaw from Akasha Yoga Sydney returns for Term 5 of Yoga for Pelvic Pain. 
Join us for 6 weeks of soothing yoga on a Sunday morning at WHRIA, and Monday evenings at the Mind & Movement Centre Redfern, designed specifically for people with pelvic pain and conditions such as pudendal neuralgia, endometriosis and overactive bladder. See our Facebook page for full details.

Rebecca teaches in the Hatha yoga tradition – the foundation of all yoga styles in the world today. The classes are specifically designed for those with pelvic pain conditions such as pudendal neuralgia, endometriosis and overactive bladder aiming to provide you with the tools to use in daily life to minimise the tension, stress and anxiety you may be experiencing. This is an active class of yoga and meditation and you will need to bring along:

  • a yoga mat (If you don’t yet have a mat and aren’t ready to invest in one, bring a large thick towel to practice on, in addition to those for props)
  • a large towel or two to use as props
  • a blanket and/or warmer clothing (socks/fleece/pashmina) for Savasana
    any cushions/props you use to be able to sit comfortably
  • bottled water 

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