Mindfulness for Health: The Body Scan Meditation

By Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman

Eight tracks to guide you through whole body and mind relaxation, via mindfulness. StreamĀ online, or download to your smart phone for easy daily listening.

Techniques for Relaxation of the Body and Pelvic Floor Muscles

By Dr Patricia Neumann

Specific audio instruction for women and men on how to relax your pelvic floor muscles to reduce pelvic pain, and is most helpful when used with professional guidance from a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Contains a longer whole body and pelvic floor muscle relaxation with breathing exercises, a shorter track focused on pelvic floor muscle relaxation for daily practice. The CD and Download each come with a user information booklet, specific for women and men and can be purchased at The Pelvic Floor Clinic.

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