Menopause and Breast Cancer – What are your risks?

By Prof John Eden

This video was premiered on WHRIA Facebook page for Women’s Health Week with a live Q&A with John afterwards. 

Here are the common FAQ’s from the evening, 10 September 2020

  • How long does the average woman take HRT for? Usually 5 years.
  • Thanks Professor Eden, very informative presentation. I am using ESTRADOT patches which are now scarce in Australia due to COVID and I wondered if there is an equivalent patch available? I can’t survive without them! Please see our Health Information Section: Estradot Patches – John Eden describes solutions for the Australian shortage.
  • Thanks Professor Eden do Prometrium and Estrodot fall under bio identical HRT or body identical? They are body-identical. 
  • Which HRT for previous hysterectomy? Usual treatment is estrogen only.
  • Dr Eden, do you think there is any effect from taking Premarin in the past? Past use is not a problem.
  • Can you please discuss hormone treatment for medically induced menopause for young women, following treatment for triple negative breast cancer? HRT after triple negative breast cancer is tricky and depends on each case. But it can be used sometimes.
  • A bit off topic but do many women have some vaginal bleeding while on HRT? You can have spotting on HRT if it persists you might need a scan.
Last reviewed: 27 October 2020

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