Donna Namdaran Reynolds joins WHRIA

Professor John Eden and Professor Thierry Vancaillie and the WHRIA team are thrilled to introduce our newest handpicked member of the team – Donna Namdaran Reynolds.

Donna has 15 years experience as a Physiotherapist working in a variety of areas in the field, focusing her passion and expertise in women’s and paediatric bowel and pelvic floor physiotherapy in the past five years.



Donna specialises in:

  • Continence and pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Stress, Urgency and Urge Urinary incontinence
    • Faecal incontinence, urgency and post defecation soiling
    • Overactive Bladder
    • Frequency
    • Nocturia
    • Prenatal and postnatal pelvic floor
  • Pelvic and Perineal Pain
    • Bladder Pain Syndromes/Interstitial Cystitis
    • Pudendal nerve entrapment/neuralgia
  • Sexual pain disorders
    • Vagnisimus/Pelvic floor hypertonicity
    • Dyspareunia
    • Vulvodynia
    • Vestibulodynia
  • Functional Anorectal pain
    • Proctalgia Fugax
    • Chronic Proctalgia
  • Functional Defacatory Disorders
    • Chronic constipation
    • Slow transit constipation
    • Functional anorectal retention/Obstructed defecation
    • Dysynergic Defecation/Paradoxical Puborectalis
  • Vaginal Support Pessaries
    • for Prolapse and Stress incontinence

Donna also holds a senior position at the Royal Hospital for Women. She is committed to providing evidence based practice and regularly attends conferences and further education and training. She is dedicated to advancing her skills and stays abreast of new research, treatments, surgical interventions and medical management.

As part of the WHRIA team Donna will be servicing the St. George and Sutherland area, consulting from our Kogarah office. To make an appointment please call 1300 722 266.

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