Administration Team

Administration Team

Medical administrators

  • Multi-skilled

Megan joined WHRIA in 2013. Her dedication and professionalism to the staff and patients make her an integral part of our organisation. With excellent communication and organisational skills Megan is able to efficiently handle any administration task.

Diane joined WHRIA in 2009. Her many years of experience in administration and dedication to her role make her a valuable part of our team. Her warmth towards staff and patients make her an integral part of our organisation.

Mere has been working in medical gynaecology since 2004. Her experience and wealth of knowledge make her a great asset to our organisation, and her warm personality gives her a noticeable gift of assisting our patients and staff in a professional and understanding manner.

Shondell has worked at WHRIA since 2015. She brings years of experience from working in large companies to contribute her many skills at WHRIA such as event management, medical marketing and with her caring and cheerful nature she is able to solve any problem that may arise.

Lucy joined WHRIA in 2020. Her years of experience in medical administration and customer service and her ability to problem solve on the run make her a valuable asset to our organisation.

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