Sherin Jarvis

Sherin Jarvis

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

  • BAppSc(Physio)
  • CAcup
  • CContProm

Sherin is a clinical and research pelvic floor physiotherapist who has pioneered research into the use of Botox for treatment of chronic pelvic pain and over-tight pelvic floor muscles. She has a wealth of experience treating women and men with pelvic floor issues such as urinary and bowel urgency and leakage, prolapse, voiding issues, constipation and pelvic and perineal pain.
Sherin’s extensive knowledge and expertise have taken her interstate and overseas sharing her experience and research findings with other medical and allied health professionals.
At WHRIA, Sherin sees women before and after gynaecological surgery, as well as women with vaginismus, painful intercourse, chronic pelvic pain from endometriosis, perineal pain conditions such as vulvodynia, and pudendal neuralgia. ​She also sees men with pelvic and perineal pain. ​​

Sherin has been a conjoint lecturer at UNSW since 2008.

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